It is our mission to bring more people into the growing fields of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. We believe great AI engineers and leaders have more than just technical skills. They are strong communicators, collaborative, and open-minded thinkers.

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We began FourthBrain with career-focused programs in Machine Learning Engineering and MLOps that created pathways into AI and ML careers. We are continuing to support engineers, developers, data scientists, and leaders to make an impact in this field, with our flexible, accessible education programs. We are also developing programs that equip leaders with the skills to lead organizations towards AI maturity. We are training a new generation of AI and ML engineers and leaders who have more than just technical ability; they have an awareness and mindset of what is needed to succeed with AI.

FourthBrain CEO Salwa Nur Muhammad


Salwa Nur Muhammad

Salwa founded FourthBrain as the CEO after executive leadership roles at Udacity and Trilogy Education Services (acquired by 2U Inc). She has over 10 years of experience leveraging technology to develop scalable education programs at higher-ed institutions and edtech companies, building new business units, and hiring and training cross-functional teams.

Fourthbrain Director of Operations Molly Larkin

Director of Operations

Molly Larkin

Molly has been building educational programs for over ten years across disciplines and age ranges, from a 4th grade classroom to adult bootcamps. She ran admissions nationwide at Galvanize, a data science and full stack web dev bootcamp. Most recently she was at Udacity, building out programs and processes in Marketing and Operations.
FourthBrain Director of Career Services James Van

Director of Career Services

James Van

Over a 20 year career, James has helped thousands find their next job. He began as a technical recruiter, then completed his Masters in Counselor Education at San Jose State University and transitioned into career counseling and coaching. James has supported the career growth of students at UC Berkeley, Hult International Business School, and Galvanize.
FourthBrain Director of Product Greg Loughnane

Director of Product and Curriculum

Dr. Greg Loughnane

Greg is the Head of Product and Curriculum at FourthBrain, where he leads their portfolio of Machine Learning Engineering and Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) programs and courses. Over the past decade, he has worked as a product manager, data science consultant, and ML researcher, but his real passion has always been in teaching. He is fascinated by what the workforce of the future will look like, and enjoys coaching young and career professionals on how to future-proof themselves against 21st-century technologies like AI and 3D Printing. 

We are always interested in talking with talented instructors. If you are interested in teaching with us, please let us know here.

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We are part of an ecosystem of companies building an AI-powered future through education, business, and more.

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