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Building with Open Source LLMs

Keep your data private

An advanced workshop for ML engineers, tech leads and managers on using LLMs with sensitive data. You'll learn to get frontier model performance using your own infrastructure to leverage LLMs for domain-specific requirements.

  • Date: Coming Soon!
  • Time: 8am-2:30pm PT
  • Cost: $500 for individuals  |  $1,500 for teams of 4

"The lab demo and discussions were phenomenal."

"All of the context setting data was fantastic, the coding example work was also very helpful."

Building an enterprise application using current available LLMs can introduce security and privacy risks. Maintaining data privacy is a crucial step while building generative AI applications.

In this workshop you will learn to build using open source and self-hosted LLMs while maintaining data privacy. You'll learn about the best open-source LLMs for different use cases and domains that leverage fine-tuning, prompt engineering, and RAG.

As industries adapt to take advantage of AI, businesses around the world are realizing that AI implementation will soon be essential to remain competitive and up-to-date.

Business leaders face the biggest challenge of not knowing how to begin. This workshop, exclusively for executives, directors, and decision-makers, has been designed to help them come up with concrete next steps to create a roadmap for incorporating AI into their businesses.

Key Outcomes

Understand strategies for preserving data privacy and security

Adapt pre-trained models to specific industries and domains

Evaluate and deploy fine-tuned models effectively

Workshop Schedule

This workshop includes one 6-hour live class session. 

  • Overview of open-source LLMs and the current tech landscape 
  • Advanced Prompt Engineering techniques and entity extraction
  • Comparing frontier models to open-source
  • Advanced RAG techniques including hybrid search, query decomposition/re-writing, RAFT, and evaluation best practices)
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This workshop is for you if:

You are an AI or ML engineer working on generative AI applications using proprietary or sensitive data

You have some familiarity with deep learning concepts; intermediate knowledge of Natural Language Processing is recommended.

You are fluent in Python and have ML and deployment experience
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"67% of companies saw revenue increase due to AI adoption"

- McKinsey Tech Trends Outlook 2022

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AI-First Mindset For Leaders

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