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We believe in more than just technical skill. We believe in you.

You need more than just technical knowledge to build a leadership career in ML. You need practical skills that benefit organizations at the strategic level. With our programs, you can maximize on the estimated 10-15 trillion annual potential value and bring those gains to your department and organization. 


Respondents who reported cost reductions due to implementing AI


Number of new jobs created by 2025 because of AI/ML.


Average amount FourthBrain graduates increase their salary after our program.


FourthBrain graduates who say they met their career goals with FourthBrain.

AI for Business Leaders

For executives and leaders, this three-day workshop is designed to help you build your AI roadmap. You'll lean how to implement AI to benefit your organization, and will build a plan to help you get there.
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Building with LLMs

If you are ready to dive deep into working with LLMs, this workshop is for you. You'll learn to fine-tune LLMs and deploy three applications, including your own domain-specific project, in this three-week workshop for engineers and data scientists.

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    Building Generative AI Applications

    Are you eager to start building generative AI apps powered by LLMs or Text-To-Image Models? Join this one day workshop where you will build and deploy your own end-to-end app. This hands-on live workshop is designed for software engineers, data scientists, ML engineers or anyone with experience building ML apps.
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    "AI is the new electricity."

    - Andrew Ng | Founder of AI Fund & Backer of FourthBrain

    The benefits of growing your AI career with FourthBrain

    Live & Self-Paced

    Each program is comprised of self-paced coursework paired with live sessions run by an instructor to review and clarify concepts.

    Instructor led

    Our instructors are industry professionals with extensive experience in Machine Learning, academics, and teaching.

    Flexible Schedule

    Our program model offers you the flexibility of a part-time and online program allowing you to self-pace your work throughout the week.

    Cohort Accountability

    We pair the flexible schedule and coursework with accountability of a cohort environment along with a dedicated instructional team.

    Comprehensive Projects

    Each program includes a capstone project designed to build your skills. These projects  can be designed by you or by one of our industry partners.

    Career services

    FourthBrain career services facilitates employer introductions through guest speaking events, informal interviews, partner-projects, and sourcing opportunities.

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