Generative AI For Business Leaders - Workshop
FourthBrain Workshop

Generative AI For Business Leaders

A 2-day workshop for executives, directors, VPs and top operators looking to explore AI adoption in their organizations.

  • Date: Dec. 1 and 8
  • Time: 9am-12pm PT
  • Cost: $2,000

As industries adapt to take advantage of AI, businesses around the world are realizing that AI implementation will soon be essential to remain competitive and up-to-date.
Business leaders face the biggest challenge of not knowing how to begin.

This workshop, exclusively for executives, directors, and decision-makers, has been designed to help them come up with concrete next steps to create a roadmap for incorporating AI into their businesses.

Key Outcomes

Scope your next AI pilot project

Get exposure to the possibilities of AI

Identify AI opportunities for your org

Build an action plan to implement AI

Workshop Schedule

  • The landscape of AI today
  • Current trends in AI
  • Data-Centric AI
  • The Long Tail of AI
  • Foundation Models and GPTs (e.g., ChatGPT, GPT-3)
  • AI Maturity Levels
  • Pilot Project Pipelines
  • Balancing Feasibility and Risk
  • Understanding Company Data

This workshop is for you if:

You are in a leadership position of your organization looking to adopt AI
You have product, engineering, or data teams reporting to you
You are responsible for setting targets, building roadmaps, and leading innovation
You need an actionable plan to test, deploy, and build profitable AI products

How to Prepare

Many employers offer reimbursement for programs like ours. Check out our tips for getting reimbursed.

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FourthBrain's mission is to bring more people into the growing fields of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence through flexible education programs. We equip leaders with the skills to lead organizations towards AI maturity, and support engineers, developers, and data scientists to make an impact in this field.