Fine-Tuning LLMs - Workshop
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Fine-Tuning LLMs

A 1-day workshop for engineers, developers, and data scientists on fine-tuning LLMs. With 6 hours of LIVE instruction, you’ll build and deploy an end-to-end application

  • Date: Friday, January 26th
  • Time: 9am – 3pm PT
  • Cost: $500 for Individuals  |  $1,500 for Teams

LLMs and other generative AI capabilities have exploded in recent months. Learning to leverage these incredibly powerful tools will be a key skill for developers and engineers in the coming months and years. In this workshop you will learn to fine-tune LLMs and build, deploy, and share an application.

Key Outcomes

Fine-tune an open-source LLM

Analyze ROI for fine tuning

Deploy using HuggingFace

Workshop Schedule

This workshop includes a full day of live instruction, group building sessions, and direct feedback on your work.

  • ML Models and the open-source MLOps Stack
  • Data-Centric Approaches for LLMs
  • Leveraging model fine-tuning and prompt engineering to optimize output
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This workshop is for you if:

You are an engineer, data scientist, or developer who wants to build AI applications using the most recent technologies
You are eager to dive deeper into building applications with LLMs
You have working knowledge of building and deploying ML applications locally and in the cloud

How to Prepare

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