Student Stories.

Meet some of our Graduates and read about their most rewarding experiences at FourthBrain.

    Robin Li

    There is no other comprehensive cohort-based course that teaches you full-stack ML with open-source tools and managed services. Now I have a clear understanding of how to deploy ML models from PoC to production. I can identify the gaps and provide a roadmap of how to get full MLOps working in production. Lots of people are looking for a career move or how to build a startup. This program did both for me.

    Borja Gomez

    I believed that due to my experience in DevOps, MLOps would be the perfect entry point for me in ML. Now I feel I have differentiated myself compared to other IT or ML Professionals.
    Alex Smith - FourthBrain Student Testimonial


    Alex Smith

    Geospatial Data Scientist
    FourthBrain helped me see I had what it takes to code professionally. I didn't ‘get it all down’ during the course of the program (ML doesn't fit in a few months), but I learned how to learn and get started.
    Rana Ahmad - FourthBrain Student Testimonial


    Rana Ahmad

    Director, Software and ML
    Connecting with like minded professionals and the guest speakers at student events.
    Jarmila Ruzicka Gonzalez - FourthBrain Student Testimonial

    Jarmila Ruzicka Gonzalez

    This program will solidify your ML concepts with hands on experience, challenging you to solve problems using Industry’s latest tools. Fourthbrain to me is a community of amazing individuals.
    Michal Roztocki - FourthBrain Student Testimonial

    Michal Roztocki

    I joined FourthBrain because I wanted to supplement my academic understanding of AI with practical software development skills as well as best standards directly from industry. I felt that this bootcamp would be the perfect way for me to get a jumpstart into my career as a machine learning engineer.
    Kyle Good - FourthBrain Student Testimonial


    Kyle Good

    Mgr. ML Engineering, Infrastructure, & Ops
    The opportunity to work with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and countries.
    Alejandro Miranda Santiago - FourthBrain Student Testimonial


    Alejandro Miranda Santiago

    QA Software Technician
    Learning ML was amazing!
    Felipe Caballero - FourthBrain Student Testimonial

    Felipe Caballero

    I had a blast doing the program. It meant a lot of work! What I treasure the most was the challenge the capstone meant and working with my group. I also loved being able to meet and network with a lot of interesting people!
    Jason Prasad - FourthBrain Student Testimonial

    Jason Prasad

    Building the capstone and presenting it on demo day was the perfect way to solidify the tremendous amount of learning done in the curriculum. It was the culmination of the experience leading towards the realization that, ‘Hey, I can do this and I am a MLE!.’
    Sam Sipe - FourthBrain Student Testimonial

    AirIn Tech

    Sam Sipe

    Senior Space Systems Engineer
    Volunteering your free time to take a hard course can be really daunting, especially for those with less coding experience. But it feels so good to have met the challenge, done the work, and learned a ton!
    Arturo Polanco Lozano - FourthBrain Student Testimonial


    Arturo Polanco Lozano

    Data Scientist
    Before I enrolled in FourthBrain I had a very academic point of view of machine learning models, now I know what it takes to take them into production and impact humanity.
    Christian Picon Calderon - FourthBrain Student Testimonial

    Zapata Computing Inc.

    Christian Picon Calderon

    MLOps engineer
    Meeting people that love the same as you is the key part of you career success. The teacher always takes care of your learning journey giving you cool tips to face new challenges.
    Ashish Mahashabde - FourthBrain Student Testimonial

    Nanban Ventures

    Ashish Mahashabde

    Associate Director
    Attending the office hours with the instructor and listening to the guest speakers sharing their experiences about AI careers was an extremely insightful learning experience.
    Constantin Baumgartner - FourthBrain Student Testimonial


    Constantin Baumgartner

    Senior Machine Learning Engineer
    Learning how to put models into production and monitor them in an efficient, flexible, and automated manner.
    George Prounis - FourthBrain Student Testimonial


    George Prounis

    Data Scientist
    The best experience was the collaboration with my capstone project team members, and combining our strengths to deliver a quality image classification product.
    Kinga Farkas - FourthBrain Student Testimonial


    Kinga Farkas

    ML Engineer
    Working on the weekly projects/coding assignments with other students.
    Rune Langergaard - FourthBrain Student Testimonial


    Rune Langergaard

    Global Graduate - Data Science
    The hands-on experience in the FourthBrain program was excellent. It was a combination of quick learning, application and at the end doing a real AI project to put skills into practice and do MLOps.
    Chris Alexiuk - FourthBrain Student Testimonial

    Explorer Hop

    Chris Alexiuk

    Data Scientist
    The most rewarding experience I had at FourthBrain was the individual project! Getting specific insights, direction, and feedback from an expert in the field really helped me to understand ML on a deeper level!
    Alejandro Robles - FourthBrain Student Testimonial

    The Trade Desk

    Alejandro Robles

    Solutions Architect, Data Science
    Being in a community with the same interests and values, has really motivated me to continue growing in my field.
    Florencia Díaz - FourthBrain Student Testimonial

    Cross Validated

    Florencia Díaz

    Data Scientist
    I had the chance to improve my English and the opportunity to work with a team.
    Mark Ferguson - FourthBrain Student Testimonial


    Mark Ferguson

    Data Scientist
    I got the opportunity to work with so many smart thinkers and doers; instructors, mentors and fellow students alike. That exposure took my real-world ML problem-solving skills to a new level.
    Chris Labbe - FourthBrain Student Testimonial


    Chris Labbe

    Machine Learning Engineer
    The curriculum at Fourth Brain really pushed me out of my comfort areas in Data Science and exposed me to many different modeling techniques and challenges.
    Gabriel Marcelo Santos Elizondo - FourthBrain Student Testimonial

    Freelance Consultant

    Gabriel Marcelo Santos Elizondo

    Machine Learning Engineer
    The most rewarding experience for me was the Capstone Project. The problem solving needed to accomplish it really reinforced and tested what I had learned throughout the course.
    Sarah F. Majors - FourthBrain Student Testimonial


    Sarah F. Majors

    Software Engineer
    My most rewarding experience was getting to work in a group on the capstone project; it was such a great experience.
    Anil Vangari - FourthBrain Student Testimonial

    TechDemocracy LLC

    Anil Vangari

    System Analyst
    FourthBrain provided a great platform for ML in my opinion. It covered many diverse topics which I would not have covered by taking other courses. Industry sponsored projects are very valuable.
    James Yuichi Sato - FourthBrain Student Testimonial

    Mass General Brigham

    James Yuichi Sato

    Translational Data Scientist
    Working with fellow ML practitioners on practical, relevant ML projects was absolutely an invaluable experience that I use to this day in my current ML job!
    Justin O. Barber - FourthBrain Student Testimonial

    Radiology Partners

    Justin O. Barber

    Senior Machine Learning Scientist
    I loved learning and working with peers that had a wide variety of experience and expertise. I took satisfaction in the completion of the final project, where we had the opportunity to tackle a novel NLP problem based on an ask from a multinational technology corporation.
    Claudia Bakeev - FourthBrain Student Testimonial

    WRc Group

    Claudia Bakeev

    Consultant Data Scientist
    I really learned a lot from the program, and the experience helped me to have confidence in my skills to do the career change I aimed for and get the job I wanted.
    Daniel John Varoli - FourthBrain Student Testimonial

    Zapata Computing

    Daniel John Varoli

    Machine Learning Engineer
    Meeting Dr. Luis Serrano who came as a guest speaker (and who eventually told me about Zapata Computing) and then being offered an MLE position at the company after all the hard work during my time at Fourth Brain! The very close second is finishing the README on our group project after everything was (finally!) running smoothly!
    Milan McGraw - FourthBrain Student Testimonial

    EX3 Labs

    Milan McGraw

    AI Architect
    I love that you jump right in on day one! Zero Shot learning, Transfer Learning, Transformers oh my, the breadth of content covered was challenging. What I found that was most rewarding was learning with others from a diversity of different backgrounds ~ data scientists, software engineers, new PhDs all tackling ML challenges and learning together.
    Oshada Kasun Kiringoda Arachchi - FourthBrain Student Testimonial

    Yukon Software Pvt Ltd

    Oshada Kasun Kiringoda Arachchi

    Team Lead/Sr. Software Engineer
    With FourthBrain, I was able to experience the practical usage of ML techniques and tools which was great. The exposure I got through the Capstone Project was really amazing & helped me to learn the full development life cycle of ML related software projects. I was selected for a top project award!
    José Daniel Cuéllar Lobo - FourthBrain Student Testimonial

    City of Edmonton

    José Daniel Cuéllar Lobo

    Research and Data Analyst
    The structure of the program really helps you to intensively and deeply focus on the core matters associated with ML to be prepared for the industry. Also, the capstone project represented a real world challenge where I had to work collaboratively with people from around the world and was guided by the expertise of the instructors. It was truly rewarding to get my hands on an interesting, practical and impactful project to leverage all the knowledge and skills learned during the entire program.
    Nafize Paiker - FourthBrain Student Testimonial

    Lowe's Companies Inc

    Nafize Paiker

    Data Scientist
    The hands on projects and live in class discussions!
    Minha Hwang - FourthBrain Student Testimonial


    Minha Hwang

    Principal Architect
    Continuous learning with people from different backgrounds and skills.
    Anish Shah - FourthBrain Student Testimonial

    Weights and Biases

    Anish Shah

    Tier 2 ML Support Engineer
    Getting to work on actual hands on projects throughout the class. Every week, having a tangible assignment which was supplemented by the Midterm and Final made the learning experience truly educational.
    Georgia Channing - FourthBrain Student Testimonial

    Center for Advanced Defense Studies

    Georgia Channing

    Data Scientist
    I found the breadth of the program extremely rewarding and helpful. One often gets siloed in a few different kinds of ML problem sets, but FourthBrain really pushed us to see the diversity of problems different kinds of ML can address.
    Ron Alleyne - FourthBrain Student Testimonial

    Rent the Runway

    Ron Alleyne

    Senior ML Engineer
    FourthBrain gave me a great overview of the major themes in this space. It also gave me a sense of how to structure successful ML projects.
    Paulo Kuong - FourthBrain Student Testimonial


    Paulo Kuong

    Senior Data Engineer
    The hands-on experience on machine learning problems.
    Rajashekar Chintalapati - FourthBrain Student Testimonial


    Rajashekar Chintalapati

    Principal Software Engineer
    I got diverse perspectives on solving problems using ML. All the ML topics covered along with all the projects made me even more passionate about ML.
    Eva Draganova - FourthBrain Student Testimonial

    JPMorgan Chase

    Eva Draganova

    Sr Software Engineer
    Great learning opportunity with high quality training material and instructors. Learning together as a group and whole community of ML enthusiasts!
    Mariana de Lima Santos - FourthBrain Student Testimonial


    Mariana de Lima Santos

    Software Developer Consultant
    Studying at FourthBrain made me expand the number of possibilities in my career. All FourthBrain professionals are committed to our development during the program.”
    Matt Linder - FourthBrain Student Testimonial

    Headspace Health

    Matt Linder

    Senior Engineer, Machine Learning
    I had such a blast and learned so much working on my capstone project to implement/productize new ML research. It was amazing collaborating with brilliant engineers produce a compelling product demo.
    Pratik Chakravorty - FourthBrain Student Testimonial

    Ernst and Young LLP

    Pratik Chakravorty

    Often we get lost in the sea of information present in the internet, related to AI. The biggest USP of Fourth Brain, according to me, would be the structuring of the content, which has made it possible to look at the right place, whether it be for someone who is new into MLE or for someone who is already in this field.
    Sarah Perkins - FourthBrain Student Testimonial


    Sarah Perkins

    Product Manager
    I loved working with and learning alongside fellow students of the MLOps course. Everyone was supportive and had unique backgrounds that contributed to a delightful and continually inspiring learning environment.