Capstone Projects.

Each of our students are required to complete a Capstone Project. This portfolio features some of the most impressive end-to-end projects demonstrating the skill and expertise of our graduates.
Capstone Project - Semi-Supervised Methods in Medical Datasets


Semi-Supervised Methods in Medical Datasets

Utilize Semi-Supervised Consistency Regularized Representational Learning, with strategic target labelling, to significantly reduce the need for fully labelled data in domains (e.g. medical) where labeling data is extremely costly or impractical.
Sinem Erisken, Wing Poon, Sundeep Bhimireddy
Capstone Project - Retinal OCT Imaging (Sponsored by Samsung)


Retinal OCT Imaging (Sponsored by Samsung)

Inspired by the recent advances in self-supervised learning methods, we apply the research work SimCLR from the Google Research Team to retinal OCT image dataset. With the help of self-supervised contrastive learning, our deep learning algorithm is able to learn useful representations of the data in the absence of labeled data, and can be further fine tuned to adapt downstream classification tasks. We evaluate the training sample size threshold at which our framework outperforms a comparable supervised-learning architecture.
Anoop Sanka, Mohith Akosh, Sunny Tang